Yanda's modules are assembled and fully tested at our facilities prior to shipment ensuring a quality product with timely delivery and significant cost savings.

*Yanda does not engage in the practice of engineering, and if engineering services are required, Yanda contracts to third party engineering firms.
Yanda's Advanced Modular Fabrication Services will provide your project with a significant Quality, Scheduling and Cost Advantage.

Yanda's strict adherance to its core values and experience with modular constructions ensures Yanda can construct pre-engineered process systems in readily transportable modules. These modules are assembled and fully tested at our facilities prior to shipment. Installation at the job site typically only requires setting the unit, connecting to the necessary utilities, and training plant personnel.

Structural frame fabrication, piping, pressure vessels, equipment setting, electrical systems, instrumentation and testing are but a few of the fields in which Yanda draws on proven strengths and experience to ensure a high quality finished modular solution.

Yanda has completed a variety of international modular and super module projects used for:

  • natural gas processing
  • air liquefaction/separation
  • hydrogen purification
  • catalyst reclamation
  • oil/water purification
  • food quality starch
  • cryogenic air distillation columns for oxygen, nitrogen and argon