Shanghai Yanda Engineering Co., Ltd. has over 10,000,000 consecutive hours of accident free performance.
Yanda's most important core value is "Safety First".

Yanda's ultimate goal is an injury and accident-free workplace. We spare no expense to take every possible precaution to protect people, property and the environment from health or safety risks throughout the lifecycle of all our projects.

We believe through years of experience that and a safe and accident free environment and culture lead to optimal production, with positive results achieved through safe, healthy working conditions and well-maintained equipment.

Yanda has a comprehensive Safety program designed to provide a safe, healthy, and environmentally compliant workplace for every employee. The programs include training, management audits, Incident Review and Claims Management, Substance Abuse Policies, and Behavioral Based Safety Programs Safe Acts Observation, Job Safety Assessment (JSA), Field Safety Assessment (FSA), as well as project specific safety programs and incentives.