At Yanda Canada our state-of-the-art 150,000+ sq ft factories in Shanghai, equipped with the latest tools and staffed by our expert and fully trained workforce or at our brand new 200,000 + facility adjacent to our deep sea port.
Yanda's Advanced Modular Fabrication Services will provide your project with a significant scheduling advantage.

Yanda's premier prefabrication service gives you a decisive advantage in today's competitive marketplace. Offsite modular engineering involves the creation to be done in pristine factory conditions of multi-service modules, containing all the services needed for a production facility. The work is carried out in one of our state-of-the-art 150,000+ sq ft factories in Shanghai, equipped with the latest tools and staffed by our expert and fully trained workforce or at our brand new 200,000+ sq ft facility adjacent to our deep sea port. Modular offsite fabrication delivers major scheduling benefits to you:
- Avoid project delays by beginning assembly prior to permitting
- Shorten your schedule by performing construction activities in parallel
- Simplify project communication by integrating procurement, and construction functions at a single location
- Save you time by reducing time on site from weeks to days, freeing up expensive labour for productive work on other projects -improving your profits.
- Reduce production timelines but up to 50%

Deliver on time, every time sine you are no longer subject to the vagaries of site conditions or at the mercy of multiple suppliers or a transient workforce. We guarantee to deliver on time, every time -eliminating the risk of penalties and enhancing your reputation. Forward-thinking contractors are increasingly using modular engineered technology in order to secure orders for projects and succeed. Conventionally, fabrication work and electrical systems are installed individually on-site, using several trades. This requires working often in remote offsite conditions subject to extreme weather with the inevitable pressures and limitations involved. Given skills shortages, tough health and safety laws and daily management issues, no one should be surprised that the end result often falls short of the mark - on quality, reliability and client satisfaction. The bottom line is that onsite installation is an extremely inefficient and expensive method of delivering the top quality, cost-effective services demanded by clients for today's high tech projects.

Offsite modular engineering assembles all the services required for even the most complex projects in modular units in a purpose-built workshop facility.
The modules include all full range systems such as :
- Oil and Gas
- Refining
- Chemicals and Polymers
- Consumer and Forest Products
- Energy
- Mining and Minerals
- Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
- Technology

Multi-service modules are designed to the mm to fit the building. Once assembled, pipe work and electrics are pre-tested, then modules are transported to site, located in position and simply connected up. The savings for you in terms of cost, time and skilled manpower are dramatic and proven. All services on completed modules are factory-tested to ensure they work and are completely leak-tight. Finished modules are finally delivered to site, located in position ?and simply hooked up. Yanda's premier approach to offsite modular and prefabrication services will reduce costs, save waste, protect the environment, cut accidents and deliver an assured level of quality - on time and on budget every time.