At Yanda is a premier fabricator offering safety, quality, speed to market and value that will exceed all expectations.
Yanda's Advanced Modular Fabrication Services will provide your project with a significant Cost advantage.

Yanda's premier prefabrication service gives you a decisive advantage in today's competitive marketplace. Offsite modular fabrication involves the creation in pristine factory conditions of multi-service modules, containing all the services needed for a production facility.

The work is carried out in one of our state-of-the-art 150,000+ sq ft factories in Shanghai, equipped with the latest tools and staffed by our expert and fully trained workforce or at our brand new 200,000 + facility adjacent to our deep sea port.

This new facility is the epitome of the term "state of the art" and is readily accessible by road and water. Our computerized business system encompasses estimating, planning, scheduling and quality assurance monitoring. Most significantly, our experienced, dedicated and safety minded workforce is well trained for this sophisticated environment ensuring precise components which facilitate assembly and produce products of superior quality.

With direct access to it's own private seaport with a normal water depth of approximately 40+ ft. The new facility can handle up to 100,000 t/yr once construction is completed on all phases. The port width is approximately 1180ft and the maximum single equipment load out weight is approximately 5000 t.

As you can see, Yanda is here to assist you with any size project.